Another Midrasha Adult Education Institute milestone – Melton Graduation 2009

The Melton graduating class of 2009 at Cafe Riteve.

This will be a night to remember, as the Melton 2009 graduating class and their significant ‘Jewish Journey’ partners attended an evening of reflection and acknowledgement in December.

Each year group has its own dynamic and each student ends his or her 2-year commitment to the Melton programme in a different and unique place, which also marks their new beginnings.

With confidence and a deep sense of meaningful reflection, Bernie Radomsky, Lyn Gorin, Michael Sandler, Ute Ben Yosef and Daniel Mackintosh spent a few moments sharing their thoughts on the two years the impact of Melton on their personal and Jewish identities. Dennis Davis, Midrasha Board member and Ronnie Gotkin, Melton faculty member, offered different perspectives on the concept of Jewish learning “arguments for the sake of heaven”.

This evening marked the groups’ dedication to learning the Melton way, wading through the richness of texts with stimulating debate and discussion on issues. Candles representing the festival of Channukah were lit by each speaker. The flame of Torah offers light one by one, but the glow of the candles together casts a strength of Jewish continuity for our People.


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