Astra ‘fundraces’ at the track

Ryan Copeland, Brent Greenblatt, David Rosenberg, Tamara Davidson and Caryn Querido

On 30 October, Astra hosted its 29th annual Race Day Charity Event.

The two-legged hobby horse relay race was the highlight of the day.
Twenty participants made up five teams and each gave generously for the honour of participating in this VIP race. They took to the track enthusiastically and raced each other using wooden horses made by Astra, whilst the humorous Joey Burke commentated on their progress.

The guests, who could follow the race on the venue’s internal television monitors, were encouraged to place bets on their favourite team.

It was a fun-filled afternoon at the Races for about 260 guests, with great entertainment, exciting raffle prizes, amazing auction items and much laughter and socialising.

A gastronomic luncheon was catered by Merle Rubin, the venue was beautifully decorated by Linda Blachowitz of Linda Says and the auction was brilliantly executed by auctioneering personality Joey Burke and the incredible Events Committee, a team of real dedicated volunteer workhorses from our community who worked selflessly behind the scenes.

With the never ending financial needs and demands, donor fatigue and the current volatile economic situation, it is heart-warming to know that Astra can always rely on the enduring support of the remarkable corporates, sponsors and donors, which enabled us to exceed our target.


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