Dani Dreidel’s awesome books are here!

Shtetl dress-up was a hit

Sunday 27 May saw a crowd of excited children piling into the museum for the launch of Dani Dreidel’s activity books.

For over an hour kids happily ran around the museum, completing crosswords, scavenger hunts, artwork pages, word games, a memory challenge and a dress up activity where they posed for photos wearing old-time shtetl costumes.

The day included a very enjoyable story-time session at the Gitlin Library. The morning ended with a raffle for great prizes and a delicious cupcake for each child. Even one or two parents got stuck in…

Introduced by the SAJM’s new mascot, Dani Dreidel, the SAJM activity books enhance children’s visits to the museum. There are two books: one designed for ages 5-8 and the other for ages 9-12. These books help children engage with the museum’s exhibits through activities that get them thinking about what they are seeing, keeping children interested in their surroundings while allowing accompanying adults to get the most out of their time in the museum.

The books are available free of charge to children visiting the museum with their parents or other adults and can also be used as a learning tool during school visits.

The launch was a great success. Look out for future children orientated events coming up soon at the SAJM!


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