Eliot Osrin graduates reflect on their leadership journey

2018 cohort graduates Rabbi Jonathan Altman, Roberto Franco and Michelle Scher listen to feedback from the panel after their group presentation

Thirty-two Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute graduates shone on 15 October at their culmination event, sharing with community stakeholders their leadership journey.

They revealed how much they have grown, evolved and developed. After a six-month, three-module programme, rendered by expert faculty, this 2018 cohort must be watched as they bring new energy and talent to the leadership pipeline revitalising and reshaping Cape Town Jewry. Generations represent the cyclical nature of life and community and so this citation for their graduation aptly applies:

‘As the generation, so the leader; as the leader, so the generation’ (Talmud Yerushalmi, Sanhedrin).

“Our family is thrilled at the very impressive and successful outcome of the first emerging Leadership programme. We know that Eliot would have been very gratified and proud at the accomplishment of this institute which bears his name. We congratulate all the graduates and faculty members and thank, in particular, EOLI’s amazing director, Viv Anstey, ably assisted by Melissa Zolty, for so brilliantly transforming a vision into a powerful force for securing and nurturing our community’s future leadership and well-being.”
Myra, Malcolm, Jeffrey & Bernard Osrin

Reflections from the 2018 cohort:

“The EOLI programme has empowered me to be a new generation leader to our Jewish community and to serve wherever I will be best suited to make a difference. It has been the most professional leadership course I have ever attended having worked alongside a group of phenomenal peers, incredible organisers, lecturers and current leaders. Thank you sincerely EOLI.”
Roberto Franco (2018 EOLI Graduate)

“What resonated most for me is the statement ‘You can’t lead unless you connect’. The entire Eliot Osrin learning process was about harnessing connections, building relationships and being mindful about existing partnerships within our community — connecting and networking within our community, as well as the community at large. ‘If only for myself, what am I?’. We live in a world that is interconnected, so for me, the sum of the parts really does make up the whole.”
Dalia Katz (2018 EOLI Graduate)

“The EOLI course opened my eyes to the incredible work being done behind the scenes in this unique community. I got to meet incredible, humble and supportive individuals and found things out about myself I would not have discovered without the challenges thrown our way.”
Cara Saven (2018 EOLI Graduate)

“Communal continuity and resilience do not happen by accident. EOLI is filling a long-recognized need to identify and cultivate the leaders of the future, and to train, equip, and support those who already play essential roles in communal life. A first cohort of leaders have now finished a thoughtful and demanding programme. They are the first of many, many generations of leaders who will benefit from EOLI.”
Adam Mendelsohn (EOLI Steering Committee & UCT Kaplan Centre)

“The EOLI programme gave me an opportunity to meet many new people, have interesting discussions and be part of some great ideas. It enabled me to obtain a much better understanding of the Cape Town Jewish community and its infrastructure. I was really blown away as to how much is on offer and available and I’m very proud to belong to such a caring and well organised community. I look forward to helping enhance our community and making it a better place for all.”
Sion Gelgor (2018 EOLI Graduate)

The first EOLI programme has exceeded all expectations, with inspiring, committed leaders stepping up to make a positive difference, both for the Jewish community and for South Africa. It was a privilege to work with Viv and Melissa in the design and delivery of the first EOLI programme, and to engage with the participants in Module One, and witness their abundant personal mastery as leaders.”
Grant Sieff (2018 EOLI Faculty)

“The connections I have made on this program have been incredible. The highlight being the team I worked with on our action learning presentation — a team that epitomised, honesty, integrity, patience and respect for each other throughout the learning process. This program has created an Alumni for EOLI participants to continue networking and supporting each other in our future endeavours.”
Hazel Levin (2018 EOLI Graduate)

“A year ago, Myra Osrin gathered a few Community leaders to propose and discuss an idea to launch a Leadership Institute in the name of the late Eliot.
This week I had the privilege to be part of a robust gathering to listen to the group presentations and individual insights of this cohort. Our Community will benefit greatly from the impact the program has had on the 32 participants. One of the visions for this Institute is to ‘future proof’ our community. From what I have seen and experienced in a short period, this is being achieved.”
Thanks to Myra, Viv, Melissa and all involved.”
Marco van Embden (EOLI Steering Committee & The David Susman Community Foundation)

EOLI 2019 will provide a platform for Leadership Development Programmes, workshops, scholars and more. We invite you to join us in investing in leadership for the benefit of our community. Please contact us at info@osrinleadership.org


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