Friends of the UJC Cape Town pays tribute to its generous donors


In 2014 a fountain was erected as a way to pay tribute to the Friends of the UJC Cape Town’s generous donors, and it continues to be a significant and attractive feature at the Gardens Community Centre. 

The beautiful fountain welcomes guests to the hub of Jewish communal life in the city. The colours of the marble and stone reflect the golden Jerusalem sandstone which clads the impressive Jewish museum on the other side of the piazza. The seating provides a playful interaction with the cascading water and a place for repose and meditation for young and old. The ever present sound of running water serves to soothe as well as to remind us of the role of community within our lives.

Ten years ago the Friends of the UJC Cape Town was created to provide an opportunity for those who do not reside in Cape Town all year round, to forge a sense of community and to celebrate Jewish life in the city. Every December, when many Jewish families visit the city, The Friends offers an exclusive event where visitors can connect with each other, as well as with local Capetonian top donors. At the event, Friends generously pledge donations towards the David Susman Community Foundation, which is crucial to the sustainability of the Cape Town Jewish community and its institutions. These funds serve as a protection against any future financial adversity that may befall it. 

Each and every Patron and Friend who has given is acknowledged on the fountain as a reminder of their kind philanthropic efforts, support for the Cape Town Jewish Community and as a symbol of hope and gratitude. 

The patrons include: Mick and Barbara Davis, Vivian Imerman, In Memory of Sol & Rose Kantor by their loving sons, Sol Kerzner, Frances Kirsh, Natie Kirsh, David and Merle Horwitz, Sean and Lindy Melnick, Moshal Family, Rachel Velkes, Eric Samson, Sheila Samson, Roy and Sue Peires, Doug and Carolyn Smollan, Bob and Renee Drake-Bloch and a further 195 Friends.

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