Generation Sinai at CTTH and Highlands House

Eli Shnaps reads to Sylvia Coleman, Jean Berman, Marcelle Kerbel and Julie Peires

In what has become an annual tradition, CTTH students visited Highlands House as part of the Chief Rabbi’s Generation Sinai Initiative to learn with the seniors, and connect to them.

The students prepared a class and discussion about the laws of tzedaka, charity, from a Jewish and Halachik point of view. Upon arrival and greetings, the students divided up and presented to the seniors in groups and in pairs. The seniors enjoyed meeting the young passionate learners!

While the usual model for Generation Sinai is for parents to come learn with their primary school children, at CTTH we have taken the parent-child learning to the next level, as young high school children learn with the ‘community parents’ in Highlands, bridging the generation gap over the words and ideas of Torah.


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