It’s up to us


So many things can happen in the space of a year.

You can get engaged and married. You can graduate high school or finish your degree. You can grow a few centimetres, grow in knowledge and grow in your Judaism. You can build relationships, whether it with your friends, family or Hashem.

In one year, your life could be set on an entirely new trajectory that you never expected to take. One year, though in the bigger picture seems short, is a very long time and can present to you endless opportunities for growth. Though HaShem has his plans for us, there is this idea of Hishtadlut. This is the idea that, though HaShem has his plans for us, we are still required to put in effort into what we do.

We are never going to earn our degree without putting in the work. We will not find our life partner by sitting at home and watching series. It is up to us to take advantage of the coming year and really put in our full effort to grow! Even with the Coronavirus keeping us locked at home, there are endless opportunities given to us to allow us to reach for the stars and make our dreams come true!

On behalf of Bnei Akiva Cape Town, we would like to wish Shana Tova to the entire Cape Town community! May we all have a year of good health, happiness, blessings and love!

Hayden Norrie, CT chairman 

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