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In the current economic climate the need for food assistance has become critical.

In order to proactively address this need, JCS initiated the JCS FoodBank in 2016. This was to ensure that a steady supply of non-perishable foods, basic toiletries and cleaning materials was available at the office to dispense immediately for assistance in a crisis situation.

Since its inception we have seen the need for emergency food parcels grow from 10 to over 40 clients per month in need of assistance. We have also watched the FoodBank grow from a little cupboard into two fully stocked rooms situated at Highlands House. The growth is a clear indication of the need which we have been able to provide for, thanks to the generous donations from our caring community.

Please see our criteria below on how to access the services of the FoodBank.
To access the FoodBank, all recipients need to be members of the Jewish Community and in need of food assistance.
To access the FoodBank, recipients need to be clients of Jewish Community Services (JCS)
JCS client requests are sent to the FoodBank via the recipient’s Case Managing Social Worker, by Monday of that week for allocation, after the initial assessment by the social worker to establish the client’s need
Should a recipient be a new client, the request will be regarded as a once off pending their allocation to a social worker for further assessment.
Should a recipient not be a Jewish Community Services client the request will be regarded as a once off, pending a full assessment to gauge the recipient’s current circumstances and any other needs that may require further JCS intervention
Families, children and older persons will take priority when it comes to emergency parcels.

For more information, please contact Lynne Hendricks on 021 4625520 or email: lynne@jcs.org.za


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