Limmud breaks attendance records in 2019

The Limmud 2019 team. Pictured: Gavi Ziegler, Raymond Schkolne, Victor Boyd, Karen Kallman, Bev May, Maxine Boyd, Sarit Swisa, Nancy Krisch, Gabi Saven, Steven Casper, Bev Shrand and Gill Sacks. Absent from picture: Daphne Miller, Toby Shenker, Leaza Cowan, Emma Gottlieb,Sheryl Schkolne,Kim Fisher,Anita Shapiro,Peta Feldman,Daniel Goldstuck,DanBrotman,Beryl Eichenberger,Simone Kleinman, Michele Stein and Aviva Philips

Limmud Cape Town celebrated its Bar Mitzvah year with a record-breaking celebration of Jewish learning and community. 

From 23 to 25 August Limmud once again provided the opportunity for the broad tent that is Cape Town Jewry to connect with each other.  

For people new to the conference, Limmud’s volunteer/participant model is out of the ordinary. Each volunteer pays for their ticket and all of our local presenters to do the same, in the spirit of being a volunteer and a participant. This is central to Limmud’s commitment to quality community building. 

This year Limmud was held at the Waterfront, where they introduced a hybrid model of residential and non-residential attendance. Over 130 sessions, featuring a blend of international and local presenters, as well as a family-orientated learning model included a Young Limmud programme for children of all ages were on offer. 

Irwin Manoim, co- founder, editor and publisher of the Weekly Mail and Mail & Guardian newspapers remarked that Limmud “has managed under a single umbrella to unite for the first time people who otherwise never speak to one another. Progressive and Orthodox, right-wing and left wing, Chabbadniks, atheists, Likkudniks, Habonimniks, women in sheitels and women with rings in their noses, Trump fans and Trump foes, one-staters and two-staters. It is the only safe space in the Jewish community. Indeed, it is the only organisation we have that is capable of fulfilling the Hillel dictum of debate for the sake of heaven.”

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