MASA Israel journey


The umbrella organisation for immersive Israel experiences is MASA Israel Journey.

MASA allows 18 to 30-year-olds to see Israel for themselves whilst engaging in a programme which caters to their interests, from interning to volunteering, from studying to taking a gap year, MASA has a programme which meets the needs of young adults.
Alistair Kolevsohn decided to take a gap year in Israel after school and did the Kibbutz Ulpan programme, in his own words, it was a life-changing experience: “My first trip to Israel was amazing but I felt that I wanted to see more of Israel afterwards. So in my gap year in 2015, I applied to take part in a Kibbutz Ulpan. I got to experience a true socialistic kibbutz for the first time. Everybody works, eats and lives together in a very close-knit community. It is like one giant family.”

“It was an unforgettable experience and if you would like to see Israel as it really is, I would highly recommend a Kibbutz Ulpan. Not only does it give one the opportunity to live as a Kibbutznik, it also gives one the option to explore and experience Israel freely.”

Another exciting, affordable, new programme being offered is the Masa Israel Teaching Fellows. University graduates can apply to spend 10 months in Israel, live in a flat in their choice of city, work in Israeli schools as an English teachers or tutor, tour around Israel and get paid for teaching. It is an incredible way to get to know Israel while gaining work experience.

Alistair’s incredible journey in Israel is uniquely his, but the opportunity to do so is not, MASA is open to 18 to 30-year-old Jews with huge automatic grants available to eligible South Africans. Get an automatic discount (eligibility dependent) of between $3 600 and $9 100 off your chosen MASA programme in gap year, study, volunteer and internship categories.


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