Muizenberg ‘moving’ to London

Muizenberg ‘moving’ to London

The ‘Memories of Muizenberg’ exhibition that smashed attendance records in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Israel is out to conquer new territory.

In a move that is destined to delight ex- Muizenbergers and other members of the South African Jewish Diaspora in Britain, the London Jewish Cultural Centre is playing host to the exhibition in May.

‘Memories of Muizenberg’ will be opened in London by Sir Jeremy Isaacs (the legendary TV producer responsible for creating the prize- winning ‘The World at War’ series) and introduced by Muizenberg-born Leonard Weinreich on 21 May.

Personal photos and stories, all focused on Muizenberg’s Jewish community and the visitors who descended during ‘The Season’, have been carefully selected by Joy Kropman. The exhibition truly celebrates the period between 1900 and 1965 as ‘the brief summer of South African Jewry’.