New resolutions passed at SGM


On 3 September 2020, the Cape SAJBD held a Special General Meeting (SGM) of affiliate bodies and board members to consider certain amendments to the Cape SAJBD Constitution and Electoral Regulations (as adopted 16 February 2020).

The SGM was held digitally via Zoom with four weeks’ prior notice given to affiliate organisations and board members. The meeting started at 19:00 and concluded at 19:30. There was a total of 73 participants, which included delegates of affiliated organisations, board members and staff. As the quorum was 30, the meeting was quorate. A two-thirds majority was required to pass the proposed changes. This would be done by a show of hands. Only the delegates from affiliated organisations and current sitting board members had the right to vote. Neither the staff nor those newly elected members through the public ballot, whose term of office had not yet begun, could vote.

All resolutions were agreed to unanimously, and thus carried. Resolution 3 was not proceeded with. 

Email for the full list of changes to the Cape SAJBD Constitution and Electoral Regulations.

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