Nik Rabinowitz’s Dry White comes to the Baxter in December


CJC editor Lindy Diamond caught up with Nik for a chat and in the spirit of very dry humour and his new show, Dry White, here’s what he had to say. (Disclaimer; you may want to hydrate before you continue)

What are we going to learn about the whole Cape Town drought experience from your show, Dry White?
Well let’s see, I would say, if I really have to think about it and quantify it: next to nothing.

It seems you will be covering some other touchy subjects as well… Do you find people are less defensive when you discuss important issues using humour? Or is there always ‘that guy’ who takes offence?
I wouldn’t know if using humour makes people less defensive because I’ve never tried it any other way. But yes, there is always someone who is offended, often more than one someone.

You have a real talent for fluently, and with seeming effortlessness, teasing people using their home culture. How did you develop this?
Thank you. The key words there are ‘seeming effortlessness’ — the truth is that I make a huge effort. Writing, performing and understanding culture as well as understanding myself and how I fit in. And all that is literally my job — comedy is about working really hard to make it look like you’re not doing much at all. But don’t tell anyone I told you.

Are you funny at home or is it purely a work thing?
You’d have to ask my wife and kids.

Your show purports to be 100% vegan. Do you make fun of vegans in the show?
I hadn’t considered it but since you’ve mentioned it, now maybe I will.

Nik’s new show DRY WHITE returns to the Baxter Concert Hall from 18 December to 12 January. Tickets cost from R150 except the performance on New Year’s’ Eve when tickets cost R255. Bookings can be made at Webtickets or at selected Pick n Pay stores.


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