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Ina Paarman with Seymour Stoch at the Southern Suburbs Twilight supper

Living your best life

CJSA is almost ready to host its biennial seminar. 

This is a day on our calendar that we always plan with thought and care with a view of engaging a variety of speakers who will be able to add value to the working day of all professionals. Those working at our JCC agencies, as well as the wider community. Our presenters also offer tips and sage advice to the general public and we encourage anyone wishing to live their best life, making informed choices to do so, to sign up for the seminar on 6 November and attend this special day.

We have also just completed our annual three day Ot Azey Yiddish Workshop. We were privileged to have had a high calibre of teachers; Rochele Winer who hails from Umhlanga, Veronica Belling and Sybil Castle, who engaged with passion and held our participants attention as they passed on their knowledge. Added to this, for the first time we hosted a glatt beginner’s day with Jason Toay and Shulamit Rozowsky engaging on a fun level with 20 eager members. The highlight of the course was the attendance of Shane Baker who performs in Yiddish on Broadway in New York. He hosted an evening at the Labia, and gave two outstanding presentations at Ot Azey to the delight of the participants, What a privilege to hear him perform!

Lifecycle Choices

We always encourage our clients and CJSA members to make important lifestyle decisions whilst they are still able to make these choices themselves. One of the most important decisions is around downscaling. Viv Gottlieb and Peter Simmons of Tyson Properties shared their knowledge and experience to make this task as seamless as possible.

This huge decision is usually daunting and put on the back burner for as long as possible. Many of us leave it until it is almost a necessity to move. Children are long gone and the continual upkeep and maintenance of the home is becoming a real burden. Concerns surrounding the state of the property market are also worrying. Selling one’s home is a huge step. It is so important that this decision is taken with care and one of the essential steps to take is the choice of agent. A good agent will guide you without being pushy and will have your best interests in mind while advising you of the steps to take to get your home into the best condition to realise the best price you are able to get. 

It is also essential to know which locations to look at, and your price range so that both you and the agent can be on the same page. They will be able to advise you on various important issues such as bonds, utilities, electricity and beetle clearance certificates and who to inform every step of the way. With Capital Gains Tax, you also needs to know the implications and exemptions. 

Once the home is sold and the deposit has been received, the bond approved and you are ready to move, it is essential to notify the alarm company, Telkom and the City Council so that your service is not discontinued when you reach your new destination. You also need to book the moving company, who tend to be busy at certain times of the month.

As the next part of one’s life journey begins, you can move on with wonderful memories of your family and the home you shared together.

Diana Sochen Executive Director

Special events for October 



Southern Suburbs

7 October Fairview Goat Farm R40

28 October Mariners Wharf, Hout Bay R30 


Milnerton Fri 4 October Rael Kaimowitz, Chair SAJBD R10

Wynberg Wed 10 October Chris Eden of Bridges for Peace R10

Sea Point Fri 25 October Rael Kaimowitz SAJBD R10


17 October Marais Road Shul R20. Booking essential


31 October Temple Israel Green Point 14h00. Booking essential.

ANNUAL VOLUNTEER BRUNCH (By invitation only)

30th October Temple Israel Green Point.

Save the Date 

New Pathways for Ageing

CJSA Biennial Seminar Wednesday 6 November

R350 includes teas and lunch

Social and Personal

We extend a hearty mazeltov on the following joyous occasions:


Edie Busch — Great Granddaughter


Harry Myers — 100

Yamina Oliver — 90


Ralph Bub — Grandson

We welcome New Members to the CJSA family:

Evelyn Katz, Maureen and Jackie Sachar, Issy  Silbowitz

Hearty Congratulations to our members who recently received recognition and Rebecca Sieff Awards.

40 years: Alma Buchinsky, Eda Gawronsky, Ruth Goldman, Sue Lipschitz and Rhona Neimann. 

50 years: Sybil Castle, Deborah Herman (Oudtshoorn), Sorrel Kahn, Irma Kesler, Doreen Seidel, Ida Surovsky and Muriel Levin (57 years). 65 years: Barbara San

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