Reflections of the ICC World Cup Cricket

Reflections of the ICC World Cup Cricket

Afghan fielding coach, Ryan Maron, shares his experiences.

Ryan Maron, a parent at Herzlia Kerem, visited Herzlia Constantia for their weekly assembly to share his experience as field coach for the Afghanistan Cricket Team in their first ICC Cricket World Cup.

Our boys, who are cricket enthusiasts, followed the World Cup cricket very closely. Ryan shared the experiences he had with the Afghanistan Team and many of the matches they played.The fascinating complexity of the lives of the cricketers, so foreign to our children, added a new dimension to the presentation. Ryan shared that as a Jewish man he was fully accepted by the Muslim cricketers who were very religious and who prayed 5 times a day. He spoke about the training that had to take place in Dubai as it was too dangerous to be in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. He described the lifestyle of the cricketers whereby up to 40 family members all live together in one home and contribute to their shared income.

The questions that the children asked were intelligent and thought-provoking and created added value to the discussion. Ryan kindly dished out World Cup paraphernalia to children who could answer cricket questions.

Herzlia Constantia received an Afghanistan cricket shirt from Ryan which we will frame for our hall.


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