Starting the CommUnity Torah – In Cape Town!


Have you ever written the beginnings of a new Torah?
“No,” said Rabbi Maizels, “this is a first in my career as a scribe.”

On Sunday, 31 August an almost Yom Tov like atmosphere descended on Chabad Centre as a group of Cape Town families came forward to write the first letters of a new Torah.

Each family chose to purchase the dedication of a specific parsha to be written on their behalf by the designated scribe in Israel.

“The Sofer will have you in mind when he writes that particular parsha,” said Rabbi Popack at the ceremony, “and when the Torah is completed, you will receive the quill used to write ‘your’ parsha.”

The Torah will be completed in a year’s time, to much joy and fanfare, and will be welcomed with a year of celebration honouring each family on the Shabbat when ‘their parsha’ is being read.

In addition to making parshiot available, we will also give every Jewish child in Cape Town the opportunity to have a letter written for them in the Torah.

For more information and to participate in this unique venture contact
Rabbi Levi Popack at
021 434-3740 or


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