Eliot Osrin Award winners announced at Jewish Care Cape AGM

Dani Jankelowitz, Brendan Widan, Loren Raize, Philip Todres, Jarred Marcus and Lauren Lowenstein

Despite the challenging and changing times we are living in, Jewish Care Cape came Together as ONE for their 12th Annual General Meeting on Zoom, on 26 October 2020, providing a window to the seven welfare organisations that together reach out and provide the range of services to ensure that we are indeed a caring community.

The Annual Eliot Osrin Awards, in recognition of outstanding contributions to the welfare of the community, were announced at the AGM, but the Awards could not be physically handed over as usual. This was done on an individual basis (all COVID protocols observed) and we are delighted to introduce you to the winners.

BARBARA BERNSTEIN, appointed Senior Social Worker of Highlands House in November 1994, received the Professional Service Award.

“At all times, Barbara remains gentle and sensitive to the needs of the residents, whilst promoting their emotional wellbeing. In addition, Barbara is highly skilled at supervision, providing insightful guidance to two other social workers, who benefit greatly from her knowledge and experience and from her insight into the needs and problems of the residents. Barbara has certainly earned
this accolade.”

Zia Adler

ZIA ADLER, social worker at Jewish Community Services for the past 16 years, received the Professional Service Award.

“Zia’s passion for her profession and Services to the Community, has been exemplary. Her extensive experience and skill is utilised to support and guide our clients residing in the JCS Cottages, who require extensive care and support. This award and the deep respect with which it is conferred acknowledges Zia’s extraordinary capacity to fulfil the needs of others with grace, dignity and determination, making her a true asset to JCS and the Community.”

Jonathan Sher, Astra Centre Vice Chairperson and Marc Edelberg

MARC EDELBERG, who joined the Astra Centre Committee in 2010 and was appointed Hon Treasurer, received the Community Service Award.

“During the past seven months of pandemic Marc has met with finance and admin ‘team’, consistently, at least every two weeks. He has enormous insight and understanding of the organisation. His role has been invaluable in managing the most challenging time in the organisation. He is a solid and reliable committee person and is totally committed to giving the best service. He is always available and helpful in a
friendly manner.”

Rodney Stein

RODNEY STEIN, who has served on the Oranjia committee for the past 14 years, received the Community Leadership Award.

“He always avails himself unconditionally, and his wise council, insight and perspective are always well considered, grounded and appreciated. His commitment, dedication and loyalty to the children, staff and organization have been unwavering. His gentle but firm approach and his ability to listen, has made him invaluable. Rodney remains hugely involved, and we turn to him regularly for guidance and leadership in
all matters.”

Chairperson Judith Cohen, Director Shelly Korn, Selwyn Solomon, Resident Charles Brand and Vice Chairperson Lesley Katz

SELWYN SOLOMON received the Community Leadership Award in recognition of his active involvement with Glendale Home for the past 30 years.

“Selwyn has carried out his various leadership roles with a deep commitment to uplifting the lives of our residents and making sure that Glendale is a homely, caring and harmonious environment for everyone. Selwyn has always been generous with his institutional knowledge and his leadership contribution to Glendale is deeply appreciated. Selwyn has recently retired from the Glendale Governing Board. He continues his communal leadership role through Jewish Care Cape, the Jewish Welfare Trust and the UJC Allocations Committee.”

LOREN RAIZE, Director of CSO Cape Town, and the Community Security Organisation (CSO) received the Chairperson’s Choice Award in recognition of their mission to protect Jewish life and the Jewish way of life and to empower the community to protect itself. (picture above)

“Loren is passionate and dedicated to the safety and care of our community. She has had excellent training, and her knowledge is constantly passed on to her team, who are all volunteers, dedicated to the well-being of the Cape Town Jewish Community. Together, the medical team developed an excellent COVID-19 response during the past critical months, thus ensuring service excellence and the highest standard at all times when answering the call of those in need.”

Stuart Diamond and Philip Todres

STUART DIAMOND, Executive Director, Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies, received the Chairperson’s Choice Award for the incredible contribution he has made to holding our community together, particularly during this critical time.

“His call to action to bring the various communal organisations together, to meet the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, was acutely timeous and highly effective. The seven welfare organisations under the Jewish Care Cape umbrella salute him for his dynamic leadership at this time. Despite the pressure, he has always been available to offer professional, informed and strategic advice. The Chairperson’s Award is an acknowledgement, by all seven welfare organisations, of Stuart Diamond’s contribution to the care, safety and well-being of our community, now and into the future.”

Published in the print edition of the February 2021 issue. Download the February 2021 issue PDF here.

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