Growing minyans and respect for religious freedom at UCT

Photo credit: Sarah Baartman Hall

By Grant Norrie

As Jewish students on the UCT campus, we are very fortunate to have our Jewish rights protected by an organisation like SAUJS and by extension, the Cape SAJBD.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a burgeoning weekly minyan in one of the main buildings on the campus grow into a daily minyan in the Kaplan Centre’s conference room. We have been blessed to turn it into a shul with an Ark, a Torah, Taleisim. We get to hand out hamantaschen and listen to Megilat Ester on campus in celebration of Purim. We get to shake Lulav and Esrog on Sukkot, as well as sit in a sukkah on campus and enjoy some kosher food for lunch at Jean’s Kitchen.

During my university career, I have had tests moved and assignments pushed because they happen to fall on a Jewish holiday. Sometimes, these solutions require more than a single email but — in the end — our religious freedoms are always respected. To a Jewish student, UCT offers so much in terms of opportunities to grow one’s Judaism with continued respect for our practices and beliefs.

SAUJS is the prime organisation to join if you’d like to have these experiences on campus, or if you want to ensure the current vibe at UCT continues.

If you’re new to campus life next year, get in touch with

Cape SA Jewish Board of Deputies website:, Instagram, and Facebook page.

Published in the print edition of the December 2020/January 2021 issue.
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