Picnic in the park


Highlands House made the most of the last few warm days before winter by arranging a visit to the new Green Point Park.

The residents enjoying Tai Chi outdoors.

The residents who regularly attend the Tai Chi class at Highlands House headed for a surprise destination that morning. They were told to bring a sun hat, sunscreen and their enthusiasm. They eagerly asked the driver for clues as to where they were going, but he remained silent!

Tai Chi classes are offered twice a week to residents at Highlands House. A qualified instructor, Natalie Wittwen, has been coming to Highlands House for many years to lead residents in the art of Tai Chi. These classes are well attended and thoroughly enjoyed by the regulars. Residents wait eagerly for Natalie to arrive every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Rose Cohen and Michael Galansky.

Highlands House and Natalie teamed up to plan this outing for residents to the Green Point Park. The residents took their class outdoors to enjoy their Tai Chi amongst the sights and sounds of the park. The clouds and mountains created a picturesque setting.

After the Tai Chi class, residents wandered around the beautiful park and explored their surroundings. They commented on the beauty of the flowers, water features and animal life, and mingled with other visitors to the park.

Residents of the Special Care Unit were also treated to a morning picnic at the park. With the park being accessible to wheelchairs, it is an ideal location for outings.

After a delicious picnic lunch, it was time to head back home. Residents could not stop discussing the lovely morning at Green Point Park. When the warmer days return to Cape Town, the park will no doubt be a regular stop!