UN Interfaith Harmony Week

Rael Kaimowitz with honorary guest speakers Sheikh Ismail Keraan, Chief Autshumato, Francisco Mackenzie, Executive Mayor Dan Plato and Justice Dennis Davis

At the 65th UN General Assembly in 2010, King Abdullah II of Jordan proposed a World Interfaith Harmony Week which was passed unanimously and has been observed globally ever since. 

The Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies has been celebrating the event with programmes to promote interfaith harmony in the Cape, since 2012. 

This year the board hosted an impressive panel of Alderman Dan Plato, Judge Dennis Davis and Sheik Keraan in the gorgeous City Hall. The speakers impressed upon the guests that it is a day to celebrate our common humanity and foster peace, tolerance and mutual understanding. There is simply No Place For Hate in our region. #noplaceforhate 

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