2008 April

April issue thumbnailApril and Pesach coincide this year and we celebrate this happy synchronicity with a special and very colourful issue, which we hope readers will savour slowly in the ‘before-glow’ of the sedarim, in order to share discussion on the contents between readings of the Haggadah and the conventional excessive feasting.

In accordance with Parkinson’s Law, that ‘work expands according to the time available for its completion’ – not that we regard your reading of this paper as work – we would suggest that you cover about three pages daily, to fill the time available for the reading.

When we have issues like these, one request we always make of our readers is that you should take note of the advertisers who show their regard for our community and its custom by joining us, not only now,
for there are our ‘regulars’ who are with us throughout the year. Another point being made here, which we have highlighted in the printed edition, is a subtle reminder, or hint, of a third ‘element’ of the issue, namely that it is comes out on April the first! In the main, however, all that you read is a true reflection of a very busy month for those living in glorious, sunny, at times wind- battered Cape Town and its environs.
(Note this edition is a 10.2MB pdf file download)


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