2008 November

November 08 Cape Jewish Chronicle PDFThis issue comes out in the aftermath of Yom Kippur, Sukkoth, Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah – and amazingly, despite the stoppages created by the ‘non-workable’ days, we made our delivery date.

This was partly due to the fact that strict measures were adopted in regard to deadlines and also the limiting of pages to 36, which is somewhat below what has become our regular size.

But still, readers will get a pretty good idea of noteworthy activity here in the Western Cape over the past month or so – other than the boisterous celebrations of Simchat Torah, which could not make our deadline cut. However, in a last minute push, we did manage to secure some pictorial coverage of Sukkoth on the front page.
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As explained in the editorial, being a monthly publication does create its own difficulties, which readers should understand. Items of current interest at the beginning of a month could be ‘passe’; matters under review could well be settled and over, by the time the paper comes out. An example of this would be Hagai Segal’s disturbing report on the violence in Acre, which can be read on his usual spot on page 4. Hagai’s regular reports and analyses in the paper is a huge plus – insightful, up to date and informative as they are.

A very exciting prospect, which we feature on page 1, is the forthcoming Einstein exhibition to be staged at the SA Jewish Museum. At time of going to press the exact dates were not available, but hopefully we’ll have them in time for the December issue.

Great excitement and heart warmth – not to mention the home – itself was created in the community participation in the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ building project, which is prominently featured. And finally, one item that IC highlighted in her WayICit column, is the piece by Staff Wise on page 28 … regarding ‘burnout’.

Besides these indicators, there are all the ‘usual attractions’, that which is highlighted below… and more!