YAD’s Golf Day

Investec 1: Rob Cohen, Greg Anderson, Trevor
Morris and Igor Vukic.

Obsessive checking of expert weather prediction websites every few hours, hanging brooms in trees and forks in the soil, fervent praying to the higher power, even jokingly enlisting the help of rabbis in this quest for sunshine seemed to have had no effect as Thursday 5 November dawned.

The heavens opened and hasty relocation of the envisioned outdoor registration area, including the temporary ‘Coffeeright’ pavement café was required. A tad disappointing, but the YAD team soldiered on; nothing was going to hamper the success of this event following three months of dedicated planning of the Annual YAD Corporate Charity Golf event 2009, proudly sponsored by key ‘players’ Macsteel and Stenham.

Miraculously, before the shotgun start at 12 noon, the skies had cleared and sunshine prevailed for the rest of the day.

In addition to YAD’s regular valued supporters, it was refreshing to welcome a substantial amount of new corporate sponsors and businesses who joined us for the very first time. It was YAD’s 8th Golf Day and as usual the idea was to give the golfers an incredible day, filled with added value including amazing Merle Rubin food and a goodie bag full of useful golf gifts, discount vouchers and free coffees.

The day included some innovative ideas, such as the opportunity to be Tiger Woods in the F5 Technologies Virtual Golf competition, taking place in their standout Bedouin tent (because rain and electricity are not good friends).

The therapists from the International Academy for Health and Skincare provided the very welcome shoulder and neck massages on their hole – after all golf is very stressful for those of a competitive nature.

Having noted the groaning tables of incredible prizes up for grabs, one can understand the added motivation to try to win some. First prize went to the Marsden, Oliver, Schroder, Novos Four Ball with 85 points. Those less fortunate in the golfing ‘department’ were still in the running for amazingly lavish prizes, courtesy of our well supported raffle.

YAD has manifested an upswing, in spite of the background of this challenging fiscal year … However,YAD feels that the Golf Day, with its sidesplitting entertainment from Malcolm Ferreira (he of the Vodacom Player 23 ‘Elton and Jan’ Commercial), and the camaraderie, the generosity of our sponsors, golfers and donors of prizes, products and services gave added weight to the sentiment that … YES this recession too shall pass.

YAD remains grateful and retains a sense of optimism and abundance, as demonstrated by every person connected to this day.


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