YAD Girls Night Out!

Tuesday 2 August was a first for YAD: it was the inaugural YAD ‘Girls Night Out’ at the Protea Fire and Ice Hotel.

YAD Business Breakfasts and Golf Days are always well supported, but it was apparent that these were not always convenient for the majority of our fairer sex, with lift schemes and other commitments on the family front.

Therefore, YAD embarked on a time slot and theme more aligned with our wonderful talented ‘super women,’ and delivered an outstanding ‘maiden voyage’ of the specifically female kind. The event was held in the lead-up to Women’s Day, and we were there to celebrate ourselves and all that we do as women. The energy in the room was electric, and the beautifully presented snacks were delicate and delicious.

The delightful Nikki Wohlman, our effervescent MC, discussed how with the multitude of tasks that women juggle, there is not often time to pause and to acknowledge just how special we are.

After a celebratory movie about the United Jewish Campaign’s beneficiaries, Jodi Sher — a longstanding YAD volunteer — shared her personal motivation for dedicating time and energy to the United Jewish Campaign. Jodi’s candid and heartfelt discussion looked at the communal resources that aid the vulnerable, the aged and those at risk; and her ability to be an agent of change simply by contributing a voluntary donation to the campaign was the catalyst for an outpouring of support from those assembled.

Then, the inspirational heroine Lee Swan took to the stage. A sustainability and climate change consultant at Deloitte, Lee shared how she had always had very big and scary recurring dream: participating in the Polar Race. This determined woman secretly began to train herself physically for the rigour that such a trip may entail, and eventually decided to do the race.

Lee had the audience captivated as she shared the highs and the lows of her extraordinary adventure. We were mesmerised at the epic journey where she faced life and potential death, only to cheer her with a standing ovation as she concluded the story triumphant and forever changed. Bev Nates Peerutin, our style and fashion guru, reminded us that less is more, and to never to forget how important accessories are — a woman needs a great handbag and shoes to match her inner and outer beauty!

The goodie bags overflowed with abundance and delights, and the opportunity to taste a delicious and kosher sparkling wine, Backsberg Brut, was much appreciated. The generosity of our sponsors, without whom this event would not be possible, was overwhelming. Note the logos on this page of our generous ‘angels,’ and please do support them as they have been so generous to us.

Thanks to wonderful team at Protea Fire and Ice, who could not do enough for us; and to Comair for ensuring Lee Swan’s travel needs were addressed punctually in comfort and safety.