A celebration of learning!

Havdallah with international musician Michelle Citrin.

Limmud SA’s annual conference in Cape Town was once again a resounding success, where community members, international guest speakers, delegates and presenters came together for a festival of learning. Here, some community members share their thoughts on what was a weekend like no other!

Enriched and energised
“I came to Limmud SA this year still inspired from the shear magnanimity of learning and inspiration I received last year. I dare say that this year was no different. I was exposed to a fantastic array of presenters from far and away, who brought with them not only the content of their speeches and the perspectives they embody, but also a sense of Jewish connection to an international community. Above all I was moved by this dynamic unity and the desire to interact, engage and impart crucial and fresh knowledge to each other. I left Limmud spiritually, intellectually, culturally and socially enriched, and inspired to be more active in this sharing my exploration of Judaism within a collective framework. Limmud is that much needed ‘openness’ missing in our community.

Lauren Kessler

Satisfying enquiring minds
When attending the Limmud SA weekend in Cape Town, I was transformed to being a scholar again, with a multitude of stimulating lectures awaiting me. The host of international lecturers provided the most informative and up-to-date content, with the question and answer time often becoming heated as different viewpoints were challenged. This year was the first that a choir was introduced to enhance the atmosphere at the Shabbat dinner and Havdallah, and their singing was a wonderful addition to these aspects of Limmud. The Protea Hotel in Stellenbosch was the venue, and we were treated to great accommodation in an idyllic landscape. Many delegates and presenters said this was one of the most beautiful Limmud venues in the world. After two days of intense infusion of information and learning, I returned home fully satisfied with the programme and started encouraging many of my friends to attend next year. The organisation of the event was world class — everything proceeded like a well-oiled machine. With the diverse nature of lectures offered, there is more than enough to satisfy the most enquiring minds of our Jewish community.

Carole Levine

Addicted to Limmud!
To be honest, I was a very reluctant Limmud participant — I thought it simply wasn’t for me. So I decided to go only for the Friday. Well, what an unbelievable surprise I got — from the second I sat in my first talk I started panicking about how many sessions I could fit into the Friday — because I was hooked. Needless to say, I stayed the entire time, left on Sunday evening completely exhilarated, and I can’t wait for next year’s Limmud. What I loved about it was the variety of international and local speakers and workshops — outstanding amongst these were Gideon Kunda, the dream workshop, David Bass and Barbara Spectre. I also loved the debate with friends and strangers between sessions. All in all — outstanding! Thank you so much to all the dedicated and very hard-working people who make it all happen — what a tremendous feat.

Until next time,
Linda Lewis

An educational and conversational experience for the whole family
Limmud SA Cape Town was a feast for all the senses. Located in the magnificent Stellenbosch valley, luxuriously accommodated in expansive and secure hotel grounds, with endless supplies of food and edible treats. Limmud was from the start set up to be memorable. It more than lived up to that promise. Limmud was a truly enriching and diverse educational and conversational experience. With up to eight different talks, presentations and workshops on at any time, and sessions running every 90 minutes from early morning through to midnight, it is hard to imagine any other environment that could make one feel quite so alive in the spirit of learning, discovery and debate.
Limmud was suited to our whole family, from our 7-year-old to those of us considerably older — a unique opportunity for us all to learn and grow, and have a lot of fun too. Well done to the organisers on delivering an outstanding and exceptional Limmud weekend. Book early to secure your place for 2012!

Grant Sieff

Pride at being part of Limmud
Limmud SA Cape Town was a wonderful medley of outstanding international and local speakers covering so many varied and vital aspects of Jewish life. The event was so well-orchestrated, catering for of all ages in nature’s finest surroundings. One can only leave with a feeling of pride and privilege at being a member of the small yet vibrant Cape Town Jewish community. Long may this continue.

Gerald Kleinman

All shades of opinions
Limmud SA 2011 was a great success. A broad range of speakers, notably from overseas, addressed complex topics, challenging our often preconceived and scantily informed standpoints. Listening to them grapple with these issues was a valuable and often sobering experience. Once again the hallmark of Limmud was evident — its broad and inclusive parameters that allow for all shades of opinions to be expressed in a comfortable and encouraging space. And, in addition, seamless organisation, comfortable accommodation and great food!

Myra Osrin