Recent visitors to the SAZF Cape Council

Recent visitors to the SAZF Cape Council

A number of important local and international guests recently visited the South African Zionist Federation Cape Council.

David Bloom and Syd Shapiro, Chairman and Director of Telfed, updated the community on the vital work that their organisation provides for South African immigrants in Israel. They offer accommodation, study bursaries and help in facilitating and identifying work opportunities. Telfed offers training in various fields and provide social services to a constituency of 22,000 people. While in Cape Town, they held a get-together of Jewish community members who previously lived in Zimbabwe. Over 100 people attended this event.

Alide Desnois and Tony Weaver, Editor and Deputy Editor of The Cape Times, met and interacted with the SAZF’s Media Team. The session allowed for an honest exchange about perceptions of bias towards Israel in the media. There is an out standing hearing with the Press Ombudsman between a member of the media team and the Cape Times.

Simon Deng timed his visit to coincide with Israel Awareness Week, to assist in dispelling the falsity of linking Zionism to racism. His emotional personal story moved many to tears. He told how racism and slavery are still alive and practiced under the sanction of Sharia Law in Northern Sudan, where close to 3 million Christians have been killed. He emphasised that Israel is a truly democratic and free state.

Reverend Juna Ketola, the International Director of The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, brought greetings and a message of support to our community. He spoke of the strength of ties between Christians worldwide and Israel, and of their unwavering support for the Jewish State.

Miri Eisen, the media face and voice of Israel during the 2nd Lebanon War in 2002, charmed her enthralled audience. This eloquent and well-informed speaker agreed to address and interact with the SAZF’s Media Team, where she shared experiences and imparted advice and knowledge that will assist us to portray Israel in a more favourable light.