Talmud Torah Cheder Maitland

Mike Lang is looking please to find out the missing names of people in this photo. If you can identify them, contact him on 021 434 4691.

Front: DNK (Do not know), DNK, DNK, Jack Joffe and Louis Immerman. First row: Morris Munitz, Joe Carlin, Philip Ozinsky, Rae (Ray) Jacobson, Norman Jacobson, Miriam Swabsky, DNK, Devora Frumer, Mike Lang, Basil Jacobson and Jack Frumer.

Sitting: Juda Mendelowitz, Max Swabsky, DNK, Charles (Chelie) Kavalsky, DNK, Mr Melamed (Cheder teacher), Rev. Kaufman (Cheder Principal), Mr Morris Natas (later Dr Natas), DNK, ‘Porky’ Levin, Ben (Zalman) Ostrin and Lazar Kavalsky.

Back: DNK, Barney Joffe, DNK, ? Faivelowitz, Aron Katzeff, DNK, Ray Munitz (Now Mrs Jones), DNK, DNK, DNK, Jack Odes, DNK, DNK, DNK and Joe Faivelowitz