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Hymie Becker, Mat Yamey, Jack Schneider, Bernie Goldschmidt and Bennie Katzenberg at the June birthday party in Milnerton

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I have just returned from a two week trip to Israel, one of the most exciting times in my life — an experience of extremes.

I represented Temple Israel at the Wilkenfeld Leadership Seminar hosted in the centre of Jerusalem at Beit Schmuel, the world headquarters of Progressive Jewry. As the only South African, the trip was quite daunting and I really did not know what I was letting myself in for.

Twenty women from all over the world spent three days learning, laughing and exchanging ideas to enable us to go back to our congregations with tools to enhance and enrich the communities in which we live. Each participant has a project that must be introduced into their community — a great challenge and I look forward to introducing my project to our community. One of the lessons learnt is that many of us are blessed to be able to practice our Judaism freely while there is still hardship and difficulty in areas such as Belarus and Russia. The women who joined us on the course had enormous difficulties to overcome before they managed to reach the seminar. Included in the group were three young candidate rabbis bringing a breath of fresh air into the group — each filled with so much enthusiasm and love for the path they have chosen.

After the seminar, many of us went on to a weekend Shabbaton at Kibbutz Shefayim where there were 1600 participants who enjoyed a magical experience of Shabbat under the stars. Those of us who were not from Israel were treated royally. We had designated areas where we were provided with earphones to enable us to be part of their Seminar prior to Shabbat. The weekend was similar to Limmud as after Shabbat services there were numerous presentations by people who had exceptional knowledge, to impart.

I then returned to Jerusalem and spent four interesting days staying with family in Ramot (here was the extreme) Extremely religious Jews, welcoming and gracious but from another world for me. I explored and enjoyed the interaction while seeing as much as I could. The cherry on the top was being right at the Kotel and underground tunnel and shortly afterwards visiting the Arab town of Aba Gosh and enjoying the best pita and falafel ever.
From Jerusalem it was off to Tel Aviv and exploring Jaffa and wallowing in the glorious Mediterranean, watched the Gay Pride parade with 250 000 people enjoying themselves on the beachfront and trying to take in as much as possible! It was 40 years since I had visited Israel and I returned to Cape Town with memories to last a lifetime and a yearning to return as soon as possible.

Ot Azey
There has been much interest shown in our annual three-day workshop and we are so happy that we have new participants as well as those who attend annually. There are still a few days to sign up, so if you have been thinking about it, how about making this year the one that you enjoy a new experience. Contact our Sea Point office.

High Holy Days
September will see us welcoming in the New Year and enjoying the festivities that come with it. We always strive to ensure that each member is able to enjoy the High Holy Days and that no one is left out in the cold. Please contact the social worker at your branch if you are looking to be accommodated on special evenings and we will endeavour to assist everyone
Give more
The more you give, the more you get
The more you laugh, the less you fret
The more you do unselfishly
The more you live abundantly
The more of anything you share
The more you’ll always have to spare
The more you love, the more you’ll find
That life is good and friends are kind
For only what we give away
Enriches us from day to day.

Diana Sochen, Executive Director

Special Events and Outings August — booking essential
Ot Azey
6th-8th August in Sea Point R420
Men’s Schmooze with Michael Bagraim
Fri 3 Aug Milnerton 10.30
Wed 15 Aug S/Suburbs 10.00
Fri 31 Aug Sea Point 10.30
Outing to South African Brewery
Sea Point 8 Aug
Milnerton 21 Aug

Twilight Supper: All suppers are R50
Albie Sachs: Sea Point
Tues 14 Aug 5.30
Daniel Silke: Milnerton
Thurs 16 Aug 6.30
Rayne Stroebel: S/Suburbs
Wed 22 Aug 5.30
Pop In Morning:
Milnerton 14 Aug Martha Muller speaking on ‘The Power of South African Women’


We extend our best wishes on the following happy occasions:

Janice Bloch — great grandson
Ettie Busch — great granddaughter
Sadie Graziani — great grandson
Annette Marks — granddaughter
Sally Singer — great granddaughter
Fay Abrahams — grandson
Ethne and Joe Abramowitz — grandson
Roy,Vonny Bernstein — grandson
Henny Bernstein — great grandson
Collette and Barry Levin — grandson
Shirley Levitt — grandson
Ida Surovsky — grandson
Mavis Horwitz — granddaughter
Eve Joffe — granddaughter
Glickie and Woolfie Bloom — grandson
Irving Freeman — granddaughter
Ida Surovsky — grandson
Sam and Reeva Chiat 62 years
Alec and Thelma Cohen 60 years
Wolsley and Elsie Jacobson 60 years
Mary Borok 90th
Sam Chait 90th

We extend our sincere best wishes to our members who have not been well
Merle Thomson

We extend our sincere condolences to our members who have lost family members
Sarah Burnett — son
Glickie and Woolfie Bloom — son-in-law

We extend our sincere condolences to the families of members who have recently passed away
Shirley Mann, Vivien Marchesani, Anita Pick, Dennis Tavill

We welcome New Members to the CJSA family
Reina Bristow, Jennifer Burnett, Gillian and Edmund Cress, Lisa Elkaim, Diane Kanter, Ruth Katzman


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