ACDP and Good meet Cape SAJBD

Good National Policy Officer Mark Rountree, Cape Board Members David King, Bev May and Li Boiskin with Cape Board Chairman Rael Kaimowitz, Good National Leader Patricia De Lille, Cape Board Vice-Chair Michael Donen, Cape Board Member Rael Koping and National Board Chairman Shaun Zagnoev

In the run up to the 2019 elections the Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies hosted members of the African Christian Democratic Party and Good at the Hatfield Campus for a tour of the SA Jewish Museum and a round table discussion with committee members. 

“The Cape Board was established in the early 20th century, to represent the Jewish community when speaking to government on issues affecting them. In the lead up to this year’s elections, it is as important as ever that we, the Board of 2019, continue to do the same. We plan to meet with as many political parties as possible to understand their manifestos and explain the challenges of effecting our community and indeed other minority communities like ours. Our aim is to be active citizens while holding our politicians to account.
In the quest to win votes, parties must not pit one community against another. Responsible politicians must seek to unite and not divide the people in the Western Cape” said Rael Kaimowitz, Chairman Cape South African Jewish Board of Deputies in his address to the ACDP.

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