Strategic Partnerships for Greater Impact

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of ADL speaking at the Never is Now conference 

By Liza-Jane Saban, Head of Communications (Cape SAJBD)

In our fight against antisemitism, the Cape Board believes that positive pro-active training is important for young Jewish students. 

Those who are on campus or those who choose to take a gap year should be empowered to respond strategically and confidently to any form of antisemitism they may encounter. Be it graffiti sprayed across a dorm door or on social media, stereotyping in a conversation or Anti-Israel incidents, they need to gain skills to find their voices to respond.

As antisemitism has become a complex issue in the 21st century, the Board decided to collaborate with a global authority with expertise in the field to develop a relevant programme.

We reached out to the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) in the USA to collaborate in a workshop that would have maximum impact for our students.  Together with the ADL strategists and our professional team, the Campus Impact Network programme has been successfully piloted and will run once again this year. It is a practical, experiential day-long workshop run by the Cape Board to empower our students. 

The ADL are an invaluable partner to the Cape Board in its battle against antisemitism. They have made their resources and experienced team of professionals available to us for collaborations, next-generation strategies, best practices, and innovations to advance the way we tackle antisemitism and biases.

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