Chabad on Campus interviews their CHABabe of the month

Full Name: 

Demi Lee Rosen

Hebrew Name: 

Devorah Leah

Where are you studying?

The University of Cape Town

What societies are you involved with on campus? 

Chabad On Campus and SAUJS

So you’re from Joburg originally, why did you decide to study away in Cape Town?

I wanted to try something a little bit out of my comfort zone and I love the independence.

How was the transition from living at home to independence?

It was much easier than I thought it would be. I didn’t actually think about the consequences or about how difficult it would become when I didn’t have my family around me all the time.

What did you miss most?

Eating dinner with my family every night but especially Shabbos — which was a big thing for me after I starting to keep Shabbos in high school. Having Chabad around the corner really helped me and my friends a lot — to be able to have a home cooked, family style Shabbos dinner really made me feel like I had a home here in Cape Town 

What course are you studying?

Speech Therapy

Interesting, why did you choose to study this?
In high school, I work shadowed in Occupation Therapy and really enjoyed that, but while I was there — I was given the opportunity to watch some speech therapy sessions. I loved to watch the progress the children made and how helping them with their speech and language difficulties had such a positive impact on their lives and built their confidence. 

What is one thing you’d like to work on in order to be happier?

I would like to doubt myself less and stop overthinking everything I do.

Most attractive quality in a partner? 

Someone who will always be there for me.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

I’d like to be married with at least one child and working as a speech therapist in a school.

Are you single/taken? 


What is your favourite dish at Chabad?

Hands down, Ash’s chocolate chip cookies

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