Rosh Hashana through the senses

We asked community members to write a piece on how they experience Rosh Hashana through one or more of their senses. 

How do you experience this time of year? Through the smell of soup bubbling on the stove, or the sound of silverware clinking, or the sight of the Yom Tov candles flickering? Through the sound of a beloved grandmother wishing you ‘Gut Yontiff’ or the smell of Zeide’s aftershave? Or is it the taste of Mom’s cooking, or the feel of your tallis? Scattered throughout this month’s Chronicle are beautiful reflections by members of our community. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. Since my column this month was quite heavy, I decided to contribute to this theme as well, so you can start your sensory journey through the Chronicle right here.

To read the full version of this month’s Chronicle in PDF, click here

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