A tribute to Ida Broll z”l from BZA WIZO

Our beloved Ida Broll passed away in the late hours of Friday afternoon, 11 Oct 2019 in Israel. What does one remember and think about when conjuring up images and thoughts of Ida?

Without a doubt, her deep and mesmerizing blue eyes and ever-smiling face, drawing you to her immediately. This, together with her warm greeting and laughter that embraced you, exuding a sense of welcome, inclusivity and friendship.

An Eishet Chayil in the true sense of the word, Ida fulfilled her role as wife, mother, grandmother, sister, family member and friend with love, compassion, generosity, wisdom, commitment and dedication. Giving of herself wholeheartedly was just who Ida was.

As a precious WIZO ‘sister’, friend and dedicated member, her readiness and willingness to give in words, in action, and in kind knew no boundaries. As a past Chairman of BNOTH ZION WIZO, a Patron of WIZO Campaign, a lifetime member, Honorary Chairman of Orit Branch, a Rebecca Sieff award recipient in recognition of 40 years of service to WIZO and Israel, Ida’s leadership qualities, her attention to detail and professionalism led WIZO to ever greater heights. Making Aliyah was a given.

Right to the very end, even in the depths of her suffering, Ida continued to contribute to the WIZO Executive and Honorary Member’s ‘WhatsApp group’. Her messages spoke of her love for WIZO, how much she missed her WIZO ‘sisters’, and always carried words of encouragement and praise!

Ida leaves an irreplaceable void in the lives of her beloved husband, Jonathan, her children, and grandchildren, her sister, as well as in the lives of all who knew her, loved her and were embraced by her. We wish the family long life and strength in their time of deep mourning and healing.

Ida has left us with a host of incredible memories of a very special, kind, giving, generous, courageous and inspiring human being. The privilege of knowing and sharing Ida’s legacy is all of ours.

The Chairman, Honorary Officers, Executive, Members and Staff of Bnoth Zion WIZO.


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