Fifth year of matric achievements for Torah High

Leah Hepple, Jesse Hautemann and Batya Hepple

In 2019, CTTH graduated its fifth class of matriculants after graduating its inaugural class in 2015. The class of 2019 consisted of three outstanding graduates, Leah Hepple, Batya Hepple, and Jesse Hautemann. The girls all chose to spend this year in Israel, with Leah attending MIdreshet Harova in the Old City of Jerusalem and Batya joining Midreshet Amit. Jesse chose to begin her aliya process and IDF enlistment.

The SAT exam (Scholastic Assessment Test) is the most accepted college entrance exam globally and tests for both readiness for tertiary study as well as core critical thinking and reasoning skills. As an international school, all CTTH students are required to take the SAT exam in their matric or grade 11 years. 

The school salutes its students for their stellar results on their SAT exams, with a schoolwide average of 1332/1600 (83.3%) compared to the international average of 1059/1600 (66.2%). Multiple students scored as high as the 96th percentile (1380/1600)! 

After realising that the only testing centre in Cape Town (at UCT) held exams only on Shabbat, CTTH gained authorisation to set up the city’s second centre just to accommodate Shabbat observant students with Sunday sittings. The tests are graciously hosted at Herzlia High School. This year, the centre experienced increased interest and registration from parents and students wanting to add this important international benchmark to their educational portfolios and tested Jewish students from across the city on both the PSAT and SAT.

CTTH has been leading the trend of bringing International curriculum and standards to South Africans and the SAT is a prime example. It is recognised and mandated by many universities around the world, and high scores can qualify learners for bursaries and academic scholarships. It also leads to recruitments and fast-tracked acceptances at top universities. The CTTH Testing Center is open to any eligible 11th or 12th-grade high school student citywide wishing to pursue this opportunity. 

The Matric class of 2019, was well prepared by General Studies Principal Mrs. Daniella Conibear and Morah Dani Rafael to take the SAT after rigorous practice tests, revisions, and guided focus and strategy sessions in areas requiring improvement. 

In addition to top international education, the school aims to inspire and impart in its students to give back to our local community. Already, CTTH students help lead services in all of Cape Town’s Shuls, read the Torah, run many community children’s services, camps, and youth groups, and attend extra Torah learning programs like the Youth Kollel. 

CTTH is accredited by USA-based Accrediting Commission for Schools Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC), and certified as an Independent School by the Western Cape Education Department.

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