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By Tyla Dallas, Legal Researcher Cape SAJBD

In a recent report by the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Cape Town, we were given a snapshot of the Cape Town Jewish Community and the results were astounding.

What materialised from this report was that our community is not the same as it may have been 100 years ago, let alone 50 years ago.

Our community of roughly 13 252 persons is made up of Secular, Progressive, Traditional and Orthodox members — all of equal importance to the Cape SAJBD professional team and leadership.

Understanding that the community is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ paradigm, there is still a certain ethos we share. Our members have a strong sense of communal connectivity and Jewish identity, support the right of Israel to exist, and prioritise giving back to the most vulnerable in our community. We want a board representative of our dynamic and diverse community!

The Cape SAJBD aims to connect Jewish identity to projects and activities that have a positive impact on local Western Cape communities, whilst also building a more inclusive society, encouraging networking, volunteering, advocacy and philanthropic opportunities.

We actively advocate for and ensure the rights, interests and values of the Cape Jewish community.

We are calling upon you to nominate a member of the Western Cape Jewish community to stand in the upcoming elections who fits the following criteria, someone who—
• Has a passion for the local Jewish community;
• Has the utmost integrity;
• Wants to make a meaningful difference in this community and our Cape society, and;
• Is a leader that challenges the status quo.

The board we hope to elect into leadership for the next two years should be able to listen to all the different voices in our community and make decisions that will benefit even the most remote or unaffiliated community member.

If you think you are ideal for this position or know of someone well-suited for this role, chat to them and fill in a Candidate Nomination Form on before Friday 19 June.

Be the change you wish to see in the world (and in our community)!

By Tyla Dallas, Legal Researcher Cape SAJBD

Tyla Dallas, legal researcher at Cape SAJBD

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