Educare centre closes

One of the Union of Jewish Women’s longest running projects, Kensington Educare Centre has closed its doors.

The centre, specifically targeted at working mothers in the Kensington and Windermere areas, was opened in 1942. It had always been a place where children were holistically cared for by being educated as well as fed, and from very early on it received grants or subsidies either from the municipality or local government.
In the current climate very few parents have been choosing to send their children back to the centre and subsequently the fees which the crèche depended on for its survival have not been coming in. There is great uncertainty about whether the Educare centre will reopen this year.

“We have managed to pay the staff a little each month while the centre has been closed but unfortunately that money is running out and teachers can no longer claim UIF. The committee of Kensington and the Executive of the UJW have therefore decided to give each staff member a retrenchment package from funds that were put aside solely in the event that a situation such as this should arise. In this way teachers can claim UIF and have their retrenchment package.

“We are devastated by this development especially in light of our 78 year commitment to this important project. COVID-19 has taken a heavy toll on all of us. We are extremely grateful for the dedication of the teachers and staff who have worked at the centre over the last 78 years as well as our wonderful principal Wendy Claasen.” Said UJW Cape Town branch Chairperson, Patsy Fivelman.

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