There’s no place like home

As I’m sure we’ve all heard from the timeless movie The Wizard of Oz — ‘There’s no place like home’; and it’s true! Home is where we feel comfortable.

Home is a feeling of happiness and joy. It’s a place we look forward to going after a long day’s work. A place we can truly be who we are. This year, though, Bnei Akiva will unfortunately not be going home. During December, our beautiful campsite will remain empty. There will be no pitched tents. No Channies and Maddies running to shul or the tuck shop every day! No pre-Shabbos photos in front of the cheder ochel and no jumping on trampolines.

However, what we still have is Shabbos. We have our friends. We have a new experience to look forward to! With Bnei planning for Machaneh in December, we are excited to see what is to come! We are excited to explore all the new opportunities.

Mostly though, we are excited to share it with our Maddies and Channies and create new experiences together!

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