Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute celebrates another cohort’s journey

Shana Isserow, Howard Richman, Karen Kallman and Glen Heinrich

“The Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute has just celebrated its second graduation in three years and our Advisory Board is ecstatic.

We are particularly excited by who EOLI has attracted to its year long Leadership Development Programme (LDP), and the impact each participant makes in community organisations thereafter. We are seeing very diverse applicants with a wide range of skills and talents. What has been rewarding is to monitor the professionals who transform their organisations post the LDP experience, plus the embracing of new and emerging lay leaders who put up their hands to serve on committees across the community.

The 2020 LDP had five modules on Community Leaders and Leadership: Self, Community & Context, Ethical Leadership, Toolkit for Leaders and Action Learning. They all include theoretical models, best practice and immersion.

Our graduates must commit to serving the Jewish community on completion of the LDP. This is a game changer and these results speak for themselves.

The vision for EOLI is to recruit a pipeline of leaders for succession and to upskill current lay and professional leaders, all for the benefit of Jewish communal organisations. Each year has brought different challenges, but our mandate remains the same. The Covid crisis forced our team to take our offers online and tackle different challenges experienced by our leadership. It was heartening to see how our programmes continue to be relevant and how our organisation has set an example by adapting to the needs both internal to the community and external.

Our expert faculty from academia and business schools, as well as global thought leaders have enriched our programmes, which has elevated our status as a leadership trendsetter.

It is encouraging to feel our impact on the community as it embraces our focus on leadership. Almost weekly we are being consulted to collaborate with organisations on problem solving, designing workshops, sponsoring and endorsing their lay leaders and professionals to step up to what is on offer, plus recruit new leaders for new positions.

In particular I need to thank Viv Anstey (our director), Melissa Zolty (EOLI Project Manager and 2020 cohort graduate), and the dynamic EOLI faculty, all of whom have served to build an excellent reputation for EOLI.”

Ronnie Stein, Chairman of the Advisory Board

Watch and hear the 2020 Cohort Voices here.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2020 COHORT: Cindy Bacher • Benjamin Blumenthal • Lauren Cohn • Danielle Daitz • Janine Davimes • David Epstein • Tammi Glick • Nicola Harris • Glen Heinrich • Jonathan Hoffenberg • Shana Isserow • Karen Kallmann • Melanie Levy • Shimpa Moch • Rivkah Myburgh • Howard Richman • Janine Rodgers • Sasha Sanders • Laila Saven • Karen Schwartz • Lee-Anne Singer • Ariel Sumeruk • Dana Tadmor • Karen Tollman • Lara Utian • Melissa Zolty

EOLI welcomes your interest to work with us. For information on workshops or extended programmes, and to nominate members of your organisation for our next cohort, please email info@osrinleadership.org to ensure you are on our mailing list.

The Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute www.osrinleadership.org, info@osrinleadership.org

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