Our centres are re-opening

Another year has begun, with this being the first newsletter for 2022 from Cape Jewish Seniors.

After much discussion and extensive planning by the CJSA team, we reopened our centres on 17 January. Of course all COVID protocols will be observed and anyone wishing to attend must have received their booster shot and wear a mask at all times.

Initially we will be hosting tea-and-chat events so that we can socialise in a safe environment; and at the same time find out the needs and wants of our members, so that we can provide a warm and stimulating environment with enjoyable activities and outings. We are all excited and hoping for a wonderful year.

A number of issues arise post-COVID, and consideration has to be given to the fact that nearly two years have passed since we closed our doors — for what we all thought was going to be three weeks! Many of our members have been isolated and alone for the whole duration. Our programme pre-lockdown was varied and interesting, and the outings on offer were mostly fully booked and always enjoyed . We plan to provide the same activities as before, tweak the programme where necessary, ditch what is not wanted and include new wherever necessary.

The ethos of CJSA — for the seniors by the seniors — will continue, as we know how important it is to keep our members active and part of this community, instead of apart from the community in which we live.

We are mindful that there might be changes in how we do things and also know that not everyone is feeling upbeat and ready to move forward. We heard that there is a new word banding about — FOGO — Fear of Going Out. Our social workers are here to encourage and assist with moving forward and ‘putting your life back together’ post pandemic.

Anxiety is a very real concern, as is depression, loneliness and stress.

Writing for Cosmopolitan in May 2020, Andrea Stanley and Elizabeth Kiefer cite a Cosmo poll that finds that 52% of millennial women who suffer from the mental health condition said it got worse due to COVID-19; while 32% who never experienced anxiety before, have now developed it.

They go on to write, “Does that mean that all those who suffer from anxiety need therapy? Of course this is not the case, although anyone can benefit from talking to a professional. But if you’re feeling really low, it might be time to prioritise it.

A quiz created by leading health experts, may help you gauge where you’re at:
• Have you had difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep in the past few weeks?
• Do you catch yourself obsessing over getting sick?
• Are you constantly worried about worst-case scenarios?
• Have you been feeling hopeless lately, to the point where everything — work, friends, future plans — feels pointless?
• Are you disinterested in things you normally enjoy?
• Have you been ignoring friends and family?
• Do you have increased feelings of anxiety, sadness or anger?
• Have you started changing your behaviours out of fear?

Did you answer yes to more than two of the above? If so, now is the time to consider talking to someone. Nothing is ‘wrong’ with you, but it’s been a rough couple of years, and you deserve to focus on yourself.

If you picked up quarantine habits, a formula has been created to help you decide which ones you should keep and which ones need to go.

Using a scale of 1-4:
• It makes you happy
• It’s appropriate for everyday life (not just a crisis)
• It impacts your mental health in a positive way
• It’s helping you be the best version of yourself.

Your score: 4/4 means keep it. Anything less — tweak or toss.

Suggested appointments to schedule as life gets back to normal:

Right Now: Book a massage, facial or beauty treatment. No explanation needed.

Fairly soon: Schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor, to check in on your overall health and figure out if there is anything pressing that should be dealt with.

Within three months: Get to your dermatologist and gynaecologist/urologist. Just because your skin hasn’t seen the sun doesn’t mean you should put this off.

Within six months: see the dentist and optometrist (if you need one). You should be getting your teeth cleaned twice a year. And if you wear glasses, it’s a good idea to see if you’re ready for a new prescription thanks to all that screen time”.

Remember that we are there for each one of our members. Our team is skilled and caring, and our wish is to ensure that our members live their best lives. We can assist you in making this possible.

We plan to reinstate our monthly programme in the Chronicle in the next issue.

Diana Sochen
Executive Director


Social and Personal

It is so important to celebrate whenever possible and thankfully many of our members have recently had the opportunity to do so.

We welcome new members
Kathi Bowman, Sue Buirski, Doreen Ellenbogen (London), Luciana Gallotta, Pat Harris, Arthur and Ruth Hovis,Pricilla Klein, Ohna McLachlan, Margaret Rawicz, Meril Sirin, Gill Speechly, Naomi Stone, Jennifer and Tony Swiel, Mary Anne Wolff

Welcome and mazaltov to the families celebrating births.
Helen Rosen – great-granddaughter
Sue Joffe – great-grandson
Adrienne Meyer – birth of twin great-granddaughters
Eve Joffe – great-grandson

Bat/ Barmitzvah
Mazaltov to families celebrating Bat and Barmitzvahs
Marcia Orlin – great-granddaughter
Marcia Raymond – grandson
Dave and Mel Shapiro – granddaughter

Mervyn and Arona Shrand – daughter
Sylvia Quin – grandson

Ella Blumenthal – grandson
Shirley Elvey – grandson
Jos and Steven Horwitz – son
Helaine Gorin – grandson
Ernest and Estelle Kaplan – grandson
Ruth Katzeff – granddaughter, Hilda Wilk – grandson

Special Birthday
Muriel Levin

Our sincere condolences to families of members who have recently passed away
Judy Dadon, Hymie Dorfman, Ada Newman, Barbara Sandler, Audrey Shantall, Rosalie Wolpe, Winnie Zwick

Our sincere wishes of strength to members who have recently lost family members
Shirley Elvey – son-in-law

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