We caught up with Mensch for a Mitzvah Day snapshot

What’s Mitzvah Day all about?
Each year, in November, over 40 000 people around the world come together to give their time, not their money, to make a difference to the community around them. Mitzvah Day introduces people to social action – setting up volunteering projects to address real needs. 

How is Mensch Involved?
Mensch is the Southern Africa partner of this global initiative run by Mitzvah Day UK. In short, we make it happen in South(ern) Africa – with the purpose of curating, growing and, where possible, deepening the impact of Mitzvah projects throughout the year.

How does it work? How do people get involved?
Via the Mensch Network, Mensch supports the work of over 100 Jewish South African changemakers running organisations or projects that benefit our wider more vulnerable communities. We start by asking these members’ ‘Beneficiary Partners’ what they need. 

We then share these needs with our Jewish Community who are the Volunteer Partners in a project. Volunteers can be shuls, schools, corporates, friendship circles, clubs, individuals – anyone and everyone. A Mitzvah Day Project is then created together. Alternatively, volunteers can identify any beneficiary they’d like to support and contact Mensch to help create the match and ideate project ideas.  

Mensch supports all projects via logistical and creative guidance; international link-ups; marketing; and continued impact beyond the day itself. Mensch ensures Mitzvah Day is a fun, impactful and well organised event that deepens our connection to all South Africans and across all faiths. 

If people can’t do something on the actual day, are there other options?
Absolutely! We know it’s a busy time of year, and that Sundays don’t work for everyone. While we encourage all mitzvot to be done on this day, you can run your mitzvah on another day in November. Please contact us to discuss.

What do you say to people who want to volunteer, but don’t know where to start?
Ah, that’s easy – Just call us!! We have projects you can join, or if you prefer, we can help you create a project.

Where do projects take place? 
Mitzvah Day projects happen at various locations across South Africa. The location is the choice of the Volunteer and Beneficiary Partners, and dependent on the type of activity being run.

Can businesses do a Mitzvah Day project as a team build?
Yes! Great idea! And better still, the Mitzvah Day project can align with the business’s CSI strategy and profile.

Menschwww.mensch.org.za | Mensch on Facebook | Mensch on Instagram

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