2008 July

June 2008 thumbnail imageThis monthís issue reflects some of the suffering and the serious problems people are facing both locally and beyond our borders, near and far, which touch the hearts, senses and sensibilities of our readership and our community. We show the efforts our community are making, wherever possible, in their commitment to make a difference, whatsoever the extent and impact. These main stories are featured on the front page, with follow-up reports and pictures on pages within the paper.

Then too, we give you the lighter and brighter aspects of our lives down here in the Cape – the happy events, successes, celebrations and the normal ërun of the millí.

One thing is certain ñ we donít lack colour! We are becoming increasingly colourful by the issue ñ which can only be good, at this cool, dull and rainy approach to winter.

While those who receive the physical paper are able to curl up in bed and enjoy a warm read, we hope that you who are receiving it through this electronic medium will download, read and enjoy at your computers in a comfortable, sedentary position.

download the July 2008 issue (5.09MB pdf)


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