2008 August

June 2008 thumbnail imageApart from what transpired in the past month or so – as covered in this issue – August is a most interesting as well as exciting month for Capetonians. And cold though the weather may be, people will be venturing out in their droves to taste the fare that is on offer.

So, as one pages through this issue, one will find evidence of both what’s been and what’s to do. Of course, the best approach is to start at page one, following up on the ‘continued ons’ and ‘see pages…’, and then you go back to page one to start on the next article, to repeat the process.

And however tempting, try to hold back, if you can, on checking out the wedding pages. Then it’s on to page 2 and 3 and all the 33 pages ahead, never quite sure what’s coming up next. Well … I wonder if anyone will take this advice!

Fortunately, the down-loading will be less of a ‘byte’ into you broadband as there are only 36 pages this month, which is good, because with next month’s Rosh Hashanah edition bound to be quite a load, the two together should level out the normal averages.

A major story on page one, regarding the SA human rights delegation to Israel, was secured at the very last minute, before going to press, when we were able to get a report from one of its organisers, which sounded very positive. Since then, sadly, reports coming from various members of the group to the broad media have shown a clearly negative perspective. This we will follow up on in the next issue. Apart from page one, which provides the ‘lead’ items, we highlight a few others, as below.

download the August 2008 issue (6.28MB pdf)


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