Community bids farewell to popular shaliach Moshe Lederman and his family

Jewish Agency representative Moshe Lederman arrived in South Africa at the end of 2005 with his wife, Booky and daughter Yuval, to fill the role of the Cape Town Community, Aliyah and Habonim shaliach.

Over the past three years Moshe has been very much involved in this community, as well as working in Christian Zionist groups, giving lectures on all aspects of Israel from politics and history to the Israeli society. He has also spoken and delighted Cape Town audiences with his lectures on Israeli humour.

As head of the Aliyah Department, Moshe was responsible for sending close to 100 Capetonians on aliyah, seeing the biggest increase in numbers from Cape Town for the past 5 years. As Habonim shaliach he was very much involved in the machanot and the weekly peulot, sharing his insights and passion for the movement.

Moreover, as head of the Cape Town Israeli Mishlachat, Moshe oversaw the activities of our youth and community shlichim, guiding them through their year of voluntary service in the community and schools. One of their main projects was the Zionist Caravan, which travelled to outlying country communities bringing to them some of the Israeli ‘feel’ and ‘ruach’.

With his educational background, in his quiet, most professional and superbly informative style, he contributed to countless Herzlia School activities and projects. Moshe will be sorely missed by all and we wish him and his family Be’hatzlacha in all their future endeavours.


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