A new year and a new chairman for BZA WIZO

Tamar Lazarus, Li Boiskin, Moonyeen Castle, Barbara Flax,
Lorraine Rosmarin, Eta Flax, Scher, Zee Bergman, Annette
Price and Barbara Sandler.

Bnoth Zion association WIZO held another well attended and successful AGM on Tuesday 17 February.

Chairman Ida Broll delivered her annual report meticulously and reported on yet another dynamic year of BZA activity.

Loyal and committed members contributed to many fundraising events, she noted. The Aviv Golf Day at King David Golf Club, the Health and Beauty function at the Vineyard Hotel and the annual Yomtov Market at the Sea Point School Hall were among those she mentioned. Another significant programme she highlighted was the Hasbarah that is available to the membership, raising the levels of information and knowledge — which is so important in combating the general ignorance in relation to Israel.

The treasurer’s reports showed the results of efforts made to cut expenses — vital in these times of recession! The incoming chairman Barbara Flax thanked the executive committee for showing confidence in her potential to lead the organisation, and acknowledged that she was following a long line of distinguished former BZA chairmen.

She thanked the membership for ‘showing up’ as volunteers — and said that they would have to lift their sights to meet the vision, as these were difficult and financially constrained times.

Professor Mike Berger, the guest speaker, gave an in-depth, extremely interesting review of the local and international press and media’s coverage of the situation in Israel and the ramifications of the anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic and anti-Jewish rhetoric that abounds.

The new BZA WIZO committee and the members of the organisation will continue the tradition of commitment to its wonderful and deserving projects in Israel.


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