Board makes historic visit to Piketberg

Rabbi Silberhaft and community members at the Piketberg dedication.

Members of the Cape Board’s Country Communities Department made an historic visit to Piketberg on Thursday 17 February.

The impetus for the visit was the consecration of a grave stone in memory of three Gillman family members, as well as the dedication of the ten commandments and crown over the original Aron Kodesh of the Piketberg Shul, which was built 1923. The Chairman of the Board, Li Boiskin and the Country Communities Chairman, Lawrence Miller, joined Rabbi Silberhaft in addressing a group of ‘ex-Piketberg’ Jewish families as well as members of the Piketberg community, their mayor, and the curator and staff of the museum that is in the original Piketberg shul. The museum is beautifully preserved, and represents Piketberg’s history as well as that of the Jewish community. A BOD Country Communities committee meeting was held at the end of the ceremony.