Jubilant Jubilee reunion

Back: Jewish Studies Director Saul Kaplan, Hymie Maron, Raymond Stein, UHS Education Director Geoff Cohen, Rosalyn Gelcer, Gavin Schachat, Charles Orolowitz, Colin Sive, Cecily (Sebba) Hanson, Avron Hanson, Bernie Goldschmidt, student councillor Eshed Cohen, Sandy Glaser and Principal Marianne Marks. Middle: Ann (Rosenbaum) Rosen, Joel Gordin, Roslin (Sadur ) Lichtenstein, Dawn ( Velkes) Beerman, Rochelle ( Reingold) Goldschmidt, Jaques Hasson and Alan Glaser. Front: SRC: Vaughn Saben, Joshua Buchalter, Jessie Zinn, Elisheva Sacks, Benji Lewis, Kim Jones, Stuart Norrie, Robert Katz and Jaime Uranovsky.

The Class of 1962 celebrated their 50 year reunion with a visit to their Alma Mater. A contingent of thirty-strong included Cape Town class mates and representatives from Israel and around the world.

Coordinated by Cecily Hanson, they visited the Middle School for an assembly, toured the main campus and met with the High School Student Council. Thereafter they met with Geoff Cohen and
Saul Kaplan for further discussions about United Herzlia Schools.