Limmud: Celebrating diverse Jewish journeys

Celebrating diverse Jewish journeys

When delegates arrived at the Protea Hotel in Stellenbosch on Friday 10 August, it was easy to spot who’d attended Limmud before.

Some were ready, armed with Limmud bags, pads and pens, to dive straight into the first sessions. Others were more tentative, testing the waters slowly. Either way, by the time the communal Shabbat was held, the hotel was buzzing. Delegates were meeting and mingling, and the volume level indicated the increased levels of excitement. One of the aspects that makes Limmud such a dynamic model for learning is the incredible array of international and local presenters. This year’s conference saw an unprecedented diversity and quality in the sessions offered. Through lectures, workshops, performances, panel discussions, conversations and films; nearly 100 presenters — like Shmuley Boteach, Dennis Davis, Aviva Pelham, Jeremy Lawrence, Nik Rabinowitz, and Vanessa Hidary — wowed with their uniquely Jewish offerings.

Delegates reported leaving feeling uplifted and energised. An unforgettable event By its nature, Limmud is a space that celebrates diversity. It is non- prescriptive, in that it does not impose any particular religious or political ideology on delegates. It was particularly fantastic to see a large amount of young and first- time delegates at Limmud this year; and to witness the debates that continued late into the night on both Friday and Saturday. The incredible volunteers must be commended on making Limmud 2012 happen. From logistics to participant care, from Young Limmud to the programme book; delegates were treated to an unforgettable event. Now that Limmud is over, what will remain is the energy and excitement, which will propel us forward to another great conference in 2013. Thank you to all who attended Limmud 2012!