The Simcha Fund

The Simcha Fund

“Only simchas!” is something we often exclaim, and indeed, all of us encounter our fair share of celebrations. Yet many community members cannot celebrate these events due to financial constraints.

This is where the Simcha Fund comes in. It is a Cape Town-based charity that raises funds to allow community members to celebrate their simchas in a joyous and honourable fashion. “It is an unfortunate reality that many members of our local Jewish community do not have the financial resources to cover the costs of their own simchas see this page.

These simchas are an important aspect of our Jewish lives, and together with rabbinical and lay leaders, the Simcha Fund aims to identify and assist these individuals and their families,” says Marc Sternberg. He is on the board of the organisation, along with Chairman Rabbi Matthew Liebenberg and board members Abe Sank, Garron Whitesman and Michael Bagraim. The types of simchas the organisation facilitates includes weddings, bar and batmitzvahs, brit milahs, the purchasing of tallis, tefillin and other essential Jewish items, and other simchas such as milestone birthdays. The Fund will assist with everything from catering to décor, Kiddush brochas to birthday teas. Even if you have been blessed to celebrate your simcha without financial support, you can contribute to the Simcha Fund — therefore sharing the joy of your simcha and doing a mitzvah in the name of that special occasion. A small contribution from a wedding budget or a donation from a barmitzvah boy will go a long way to creating even more smachot. What better way to celebrate your special occasion!

“Unfortunately, the level of enquiries to The Simcha Fund has increased in recent months due to the challenging economic climate. The Fund therefore has had to aggressively increase its capacity to meet this demand, as it aims to assist with every request it receives,” says Marc. You can assist by donating to this worthy charity; telling your friends and family about the Fund; making a donation to the Fund when you celebrate your own simcha and asking your guests to do likewise or to give a donation in lieu of a gift. The organisation can supply Simcha Fund table cards to place on each table, or certificates to acknowledge your donation. You can also help spread awareness of the Simcha Fund. If you are a community leader or a friend, you can help by advising the fund’s committee, should any of your congregants require financial assistance to celebrate their simcha. All requests are handled in the strictest of confidence and all donations are acknowledged individually. Support the Simcha Fund, and help share the joy of celebration. “Only simchas!”

For more information, please contact one of the Simcha Fund’s committee members:
Marc Sternberg: 084 600 1600 or,
Rabbi Matthew Liebenberg: 084 613 1818 or,
Abe Sank: 0834570596 or