Bridges for Peace

Eric Marx with members of Bridges for Peace
Eric Marx with members of Bridges for Peace

Cape Board Chairman, Eric Marx, gave a talk to delegates attending the Israel Foundational Course run by Bridges for Peace on Sunday 21 June 2015.

Bridges for Peace is a Christian organisation dedicated to bringing the message of Christian support of Israel to Christians the world over.

They provide educational resources, programs in Israel, and help the Church embrace the heritage that is theirs through an understanding of the Hebraic roots of the Christian Faith.

They pray for and support the Nation of Israel and build sincere and respectful relationships with the Jewish people.

The Course is designed to deepen their understanding of the importance of Israel, explain the issues in the Middle East conflict and impart facts on Israel and of the local Jewish community, and how all this is relevant to Christianity. This is achieved through knowledgeable speakers and visits to local Jewish communities.

Eric’s talk included the composition and work of the Board, the structure of the community in Cape Town, the history of the Jews in South Africa and Tikkun Olam projects in which Jews are involved. The Group was interested in incidents of antiSemitism in South Africa and globally and, in regard to SA, how the community has responded. He was also asked about his own journey and family history and they wanted to understand whether there is tension between his loyalty as a SA citizen and to Israel.

We need to appreciate the good work done by the Christian community and increase our contact and support for them, Eric said.


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