Facilitating employment opportunities – the wise way

The dream team: Shelly Korn, Bernadine Rogers and Ella Berk
The dream team: Shelly Korn, Bernadine Rogers and Ella Berk
The dream team: Shelly Korn, Bernadine Rogers and Ella Berk

It is always gratifying to relay good news. I have had the humbling experience of being a member of the Staffwise committee over the past few years. During the past year in particular I have witnessed Staffwise grow and evolve in leaps and bounds.

At the helm are our two makers-of-magic, Shelly Korn and Bernadine Rogers who are dynamic, committed and visionary ladies and who have been the catalysts to this new beginning and exciting journey that Staffwise is experiencing.

Their motto of “facilitating employment opportunities” is lived every day in that they are continually creating new and innovative ways to assist members of our community in identifying and grabbing opportunities in the job market. Whether they are new to the world of work or wishing to enhance their careers, a visit to Staffwise has empowered close to 400 candidates to better themselves this year.

A wonderful Employment Resource Centre has been established (with the recent expansion of Staffwise premises in the Samson Centre), offering support to candidates in the form of computers for market research as well as capacity building sessions with these two impressive and knowledgeable consultants.

Another of these centres has been established at Astra Centre. Valuable assistance in the form of CV writing, online job searches, registering on job websites and other online platforms as well as job hunting and interviewing skills are on offer.

Staffwise has provided career counselling and support to many vulnerable members of our community. The result has been successful enablement of these candidates to either study further, volunteer in an organisation, freelance off/online, and/or to find a suitable job.

It is the personal touch and time taken by the Staffwise team which has helped to restore the dignity of these candidates and allow for their financial stability and greater overall independence. This in itself speaks volumes of the Staffwise dedication to our vision which is “To be an innovative Jewish community organisation that proactively drives sustainable economic and social empowerment by facilitating employment opportunities, talents and careers.”

On the commercial side, Staffwise has also launched a Recruitment Test Centre for clients recruiting for specialised posts. Recruitment tests include group simulation, case studies as well as admin skills tests. Clients can also opt for the administer-ing of various screening tests of shortlisted candidates.

The number of job seekers registering with Staffwise has increased especially over the past year, as has the placement success rate. Regular statistics undertaken reflect this growth which is achieved through increased comprehensive one-on-one consultations with job seekers to enable them to be accountable for their own job search journey. As far as our clients are concerned, site visits are conducted regularly and a true understanding of the recruitment need is gained before shortlisted CVs are submitted. This personal interaction with candidates and clients has proven to be very successful.

Various options are available to companies working with Staffwise to fill their positions. These range from a simple referral, right up to a comprehensive recruitment drive including advertising, interviewing, shortlisting, police clearance screening, reference checking and handling the administration around the placement.

Staffwise has increased and diversified its client database through networking and word of mouth, with a highly professional and cost effective service being rendered. Our two consultants have recently enlisted the assistance of a half day office assistant who has freed them up to consult with more candidates and companies and make even more of a contribution to job seekers and recruiters within our community. Through developing expertise, nourishing communal partnerships and launching new projects and services, Staffwise has been able to assist many individuals to find their niche, pursue their career dreams and reach their potential through making those carefully constructed matches that they do so well.

We have been fortunate to grow our committee and currently have on board a number of very dedicated and committed individuals who share the Staffwise vision. As Lay leaders they offer up their abundant industry knowledge, expertise and wisdom, and for this we are hugely grateful.

I am very proud to be associated with people who share such care and passion for our community and whose dedication to their work is evident every day. Kol Hakavod to all involved and may the organisation continue to grow from strength to strength.

Staffwise would love to engage further with any member of the community who either needs their services, or who feel that they can add value in any way. Please contact Shelly or Bernadine on 021 464 6764.


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